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  • What we do

    ONKOS Consulting is an oncology-focused consultancy whose mission is to deliver cutting-edge insight and analysis in a competitive and complex environment. We believe that oncology is unique and that a complete set of scientific, clinical and commercial expertise is required to fully harness the complexities of the oncology space including population segmentation, biomarker diversity, treatment algorithms, patient flows and treatment regimens.


    ONKOS Consulting recognizes that oncology is at the forefront of modern healthcare challenges. The costly development of better targeted medicines for smaller patient populations at a time of growing economic pressures on healthcare systems is a prominent theme in oncology. These are your challenges. It is our mission to help you make informed decisions.

    Business Intelligence

    Blending secondary resources and expert interviews, we speak oncology to deliver state of the art qualitative research and competitive intelligence reports. Having a small budget? We also deliver off the shelf product profiles and competitive landscapes

    Competitive Strategy

    A thorough knowledge of the oncology pharmaceutical industry puts us in a prime poisition to read your competitors' moves and derive insights for your strategy. Launching a product? Please inquire about our wargames

    BD and Licensing Opp

    We are cancer scientists and we will help you understand promising modes of action and combinations, also identifying market opportunities. We will facilitate your target identification, derive market size and conduct all due diligence for you

    Medical Communication

    Whether it is to inform your customers or to counsel brand teams on how to maximise dissemination of data, we support strategic communication and publication planning, medical writing, stakeholder engagement programmes and conferences

    Biomarkers and Dxs

    Exploring the depth of epidemiology literature and subgroups analysis, we will also employ primary research to get a fine understanding of market access hurdles and reimbursement issues for your diagnostic tests in Europe and the US

    Bespoke Research

    No one solution fits all. Thanks to our oncology expertise and primary research capabilities, we will work with you to develop a custom project that will suit your needs. Feel free to contact us to openly discuss the feasibility of your projects

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