• What We Do

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    Business Development

    To address strategic directions, we provide support in assessing the portfolio and guidance on the pipeline needs.

    In terms of the business development activities, our solutions cover searching and profiling alliance opportunities followed by modelling and valuation.


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    Clinical Strategy

    ONKOS team has a solid expertise in clinical oncology which is leveraged to answer questions pertained to R&D. More specifically, we support clients in optimizing the design of the their clinical trials and in narrowing down the suitable indications for their development programs.

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    Launch Preparation

    ONKOS devises approaches to address launch needs, to tackle internal and external issues. We do assist in refining the product positioning, designing the in-field teams, estimating the promotional investment, mapping the stakeholders, and in assessing the market competitiveness and access requirements.


    Business Development


    ONKOS supported a specialty firm to assess and valuate the potential of an asset in phase III trial. The patient-based forecast relied on epidemiological data for the EU5 and the US, a detailed understanding of the treatment algorithm including progression and treatment rates by stages, a break down of the lines of therapy, the unmet needs by lines of therapy and patient segments highlighted by key opinion leaders, the evolving competitive landscape, and pricing scenarios.


    Assets/partner scouting

    The team was engaged by a client to support identifying the ideal partner. Potential partners were shortlisted based on assets and portfolio screening, followed by the assessment of assets, and completed by conducting interviews with the selected companies.


    R&D Optimization

    The team has provided support in carrying out the due diligence of the R&D portfolio of a mid-sized company. Assets were assessed based on their potential, on the in-house expertise, the portfolio fit, and the competitive intensity.

  • Clinical Strategy

    Clinical trial design

    We have been solicited to advise on the optimal clinical trial design of an asset developed for supportive care in cancer. Our in-depth clinical expertise, complemented with interviews conducted with medical experts and market access stakeholders, allowed us to recommend the suitable primary and secondary endpoints as well as the necessary duration of the study.


    Indication prioritization

    An Indian company has approached us to help identifying the best indication an asset in phase II asset should be investigated in. We built a model that covers the market potential of the relevant indications, the suitability of the mechanism of action for the different indications, the operational complexity and the intensity of the competition. The model was filled with secondary data (e.g. epidemiology, competitors, etc.) and primary research (e.g. suitability of the mechanism of action, unmet needs, etc.).


    Competitive tracking/medical training

    ONKOS team attends all major clinical conferences, whose communications can be shared in order to provide the latest updates on clinical developments in the therapy area or indication of interest. In addition, we design trainings meant for senior medical executives covering medical and clinical insights of the disease being investigated.

  • Launch Preparation

    Market access and pricing

    A US diagnostic company engaged ONKOS to support in the market access in Europe. The project consisted of mapping stakeholders and benchmarking prices, resulting in developing market access scenarios. The follow-up phase entailed interviews with payers to derive the strengths and weaknesses of the different scenarios.


    Go-to-market strategy

    ONKOS has provided support in the go-to-market strategy to a number of clients. The projects would consist of identifying stakeholders with the highest impact on patient journey and treatment decisions, designing the roles that address the needs of engaging with stakeholders, and sizing the teams needed to cover the market potential. Data analytics complemented by competitive intelligence would allow to determine the best structures.


    Product positioning

    ONKOS was engaged to support in identifying the positioning of an immuno-oncologic product in castrate-resistant prostate cancer. The team carried out interviews with key opinion leaders and prescribers to understand the treatment algorithms and the country differences in terms of clinical practices and the unmet needs, complemented by an investigation of the competitors’ strategies.


    Medical training

    ONKOS provides oncology and hematology medical education designed for in-field medical and sales teams. The in-depth knowledge of the clinical and the commercial intricacies feed into the content of the training and the delivery can take the form of a workshop or a presentation.


    Launch sequence

    The team designed an approach to determine the launch sequence in the European markets excluding the EU5 for a small company with limited resources. Factors such as the market potential, costs of making business in the scope markets, the competitive intensity, and the willingness to pay have been incorporated in the modelling.


    Multichannel strategy

    With the number of stakeholders on the rise, ONKOS designed an approach to address the diversification of the channels a client wanted to leverage. A survey on the preferences of engagement was first conducted to feed into an initial multichannel plan, converted into operational requirements (teams, infrastructure, etc.). These requirements were then compared to the existing capabilities to identify gaps, meant to be filled through a road map.